Saturday, 3 March 2012

Two days of traveling start here

Well all checked in on the Malaysia airlines flight to Kuala Lumpur. No issues at checkin with the bag at 21kg after I moved some of the camera gear out of my hand luggage. The dive bag is checked through to Manila so time will tell if I ever see it again. My history of lost bags is not so great once when I was working for BP Tankers I lost my bag for 3 months after it missed a connection to west Africa. Some how it alway seem to arrive at a port 2 days after we had left :(.

It's years since I have been to T4 at Heathrow and things have changed for the better. I remember my last visit as 2 hours trying to check in and an hour going through security followed by a dash to the plane that I almost missed. Not to day both the check in and security were really slick and I was through to departures in about 30 minutes.

Any way I have a window seat and one of those neck pillows so I plan to sleep most of the next two days if I can but I will update the blog after each leg of I can get a wifi connection.

Oh well let's go shopping and I'll post some more at KL with luck.

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  1. Hope you managed to get some sleep on the flight! Safe journey <3