Sunday, 4 March 2012

Guam airport and the Chuuk flight

Well that nearly all came to sticky end. After arriving in Guam following the flight from Manila you have to go through immigration to transfer for the Chuuk flight. For some reason there was an issue with my ESTA visa application and I got bounced at the gate. Various theory's from the guy but the suspects were incomplete application due to a computer issue, or the expired visa I had a few years ago stopped the ESTA going thorough. For a bit I had visions of a trip back to Manila in hand cuffs, but finally managed to get through on an expired visa waver, I didn't know there was such a thing but it got me in so many thanks to Kho driving the computer at the visa desk.

Anyway the flight from Manila was with United and yet another 737 but slightly older version than the Malaysia airlines plane that I came in on so no seat back TV and a bit less leg room. I managed to sleep most of the 3 1/2 flight waking only for the inflight meal. A rather dubious pork & rice this time still a man's got to eat.

Guam airport is lot larger than I was expecting and seems to be developing major hub, flights to Japan and the States with most of the passengers seeming to be Japanese on this occasion. The food hubs were an interesting mix of Burger joints & noodle bars neither of which inspire you with much of an apatite for breakfast :( . Duty free was very much the norm and I did finally manage to pick up a set of AA batteries for my strobes so just need C cells for the torch, fingers crossed for getting some in Chuuk.

That's the final leg over with yet another United 737 of much the same vintage as the Manila flight. This was the last and shortest flight of only 1 1/2 hours but for the moment I'm glad they are over with it has been a long 36 hours. But if the diving lives up to expectations it will be worth it.

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