Thursday, 8 March 2012

Diving day 3

Another long day of diving with some really nice extras. As well as the 4 dives we snorkelled on a zero fighter sitting in about 4m of water off Ettan Island and we also stopped for lunch on a very small island in the lagoon.

The first dive was on the Nippo Maru which is a 107m 3764 tonne cargo vessel. It sits upright in 50m of water so it was quite deep at over 35m to the deck. The high spot of this dive was the Japanese light 2 man tank and the black tip reef shark that swam through while we were looking at the bridge.

The second dive was on the Yamagiri Maru which was slightly larger at 134m & 6435 tonne this freighter is famous for the scull of one of its crew that is wedged firmly in the engine room granting by the force of the blast that sunk her. The ship also contains some of the 18" shells for the Yamamoto battle ship.
After this dive we headed off for lunch on one of the very small islands that dot the lagoon before the final two dives of the day.
The last ship of the day was the Kiyosumi Maru a 138m 8614 tonne transport resting on her port side. This wreck is entered by the large torpedo holes in the bow and zig zagged through the holds of the ship.
The last dive of the day was a little unusual as it was not a ship but a Betty bomber sitting upright in about 14m of water with the engines a bout
50m away torn off by the impact of landing on water, most of the plane s in very good condition considering the force it must have hit the water.

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