Monday, 5 March 2012

Chuuk first impressions

Arriving in Chuuk International airport was the first real time I had been out in the full heat of the sun since I left Heathrow and I felt it, hot an humid very tropical. After picking up the bags and clearing customs which took a little while I was soaked. Two days in the same shirt and trousers and it showed. The road to the Blue Lagoon Resort is in a very poor state of repair and road works near the airport sent us on a short detour but the minibus slowly bumped and splashed its way to the resort which is situated on the southern tip of the island. Lush green hillsides would be picture postcard stuff if it was not for the number of derelict cars littering the road sides, I have honestly never seen so many, I suppose even in this day an age of high metal prices it is just to expensive to remove them an there is no industry as such on the island to reclaim them so they rot where the stopped.

The BLR would be a familiar site for any one who has been to the Caribbean. Low 2 story room blocks, the reception, bar and dinner and gift shop all close by on a single level. The accommodation is basic, 2 beds & a shower / bathroom but the is a nice small veranda there is a fridge and the air con works which is a god send. More tomorrow traveling for twos days and a bit of jet lag is starting to catch up with me.

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