Friday, 2 March 2012


Some things never go to plan. Yesterday should have been nice an simple, leave the rig at 9 get the 12:30 flight down to Exeter and have an afternoon take a trip over to Cameras Underwater in Ottery, have a final check of the dive kit, finish off the packing, leaving a nice easy day on Friday to get up to Heathrow for start of the flights on Saturday morning.

Well it wasn't :( delays to the flight on Wednesday caused a knock on so I did not leave the rig till almost 2 in the afternoon. So too late for the Flybe flight to Exeter. After looking at a couple of options, I opted for the Aberdeen - Birmingham flight then a train home which worked ok but I didn't not arrive home till almost 11.

So today I have been rushing round like a mad thing. But the final packing check is all done, Mothers day present sorted (thanks Karen you are a star) nice short diving haircut thanks to Emma at Andrew International, macro lens picked up from Cameras Underwater and finally sat with a beer at the Premier Inn near Heathrow.

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