Monday, 12 March 2012

Truk the last day :(

Why are the last days of any holiday always the same. You arrive thinking you have loads of time, halfway through it seems like paradise then all of a sudden it's all over:( Bills to be paid, dive kit to wash and bags to be packed.

Our last day pretty much like that but we did get he chance to go off on as small tour of some of the islands old Japanese relics. The first stop was Ettan where we had been having our stops between dives most days. During the war the Japanese turned Ettan into an "unsinkable aircraft carrier" blasting away most of the mountain and building a huge air strip control centre and bomb storage. Today it is all overgrown and home to a few local family's. After leaving the boat we had a sticky 15 minute walk through the jungle to the old command centre this two story building of heavy ft think concrete was destroyed during the war and only the bomb scared bottom story remains.

After Ettan the took the sort boat ride to Dublon that had been the main Japanese base during the war and after an even longer walk, and it was really hot there too!!! past the local church and small village the came to the derelict old japanese hospital, for a short stop for photos. Then on to the Japanese school a building that is still in use as local government offices. This ended the short tour and I for one was glad to see the boat with the prospect of a nice cool breeze on the run back to the resort.

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