Saturday, 10 March 2012

Saturday dives

Only three dives were planned for today, the first one was the Momokawa Maru a 107m 3829 tonne freighter this wreck is off the east of Dublon island and is resting on its port side in over 40 m of water. After dropping down on to the bow at around 35m we went through the forward holds which contained a mix of aircraft parts, oil drums, machinery and large artillery shells finally coming out at the bridge where Steve left us to go up with his ear problem. Once back on the boat the guide decided to head back to BLR for an extended lunch break so that Steve's ear could settle down and he would get a good chance of doing the next dives.
So after a long lunch we set of across the lagoon for about 40 minutes, which is about the most we have done, to dive one of the few real navel vessels in the lagoon. This is the destroyer Fumitsuki which was undergoing repairs and could not leave with the rest of the Japanese task force. The 103m 1913 tonne wreck was only found in 1987 and sits in about 35m. Most of the wreck is sitting up right but the bow section from the forward gun has collapsed and is on its port side. Because the wreck is unstable no penetration was allowed but it was a good wreck to swim around.
The last dive of the day was back on the Shinkoku Maru the 10000 tonne tanker we dived on the second day. This time we took a slightly different route giving up a bit more time to look round the engine room & bridge.

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