Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The second days diving.

Day two of diving and the guide planned 4 dives for us today. The first one was the Shinkoku Maru at 10,020 tonne tanker 152m long sitting up right in about 40 m of water. Dropping down on to the deck we swam back through the accommodation passing an operating table which divers had placed some bottles on and into the large engine room. Exiting on to the aft deck there was a large stern gun. Which would have Ben fin if we gad not been distracted by the turtle and large black tip reef shark cruising off the port side.

The second dive was the Rio De Janeiro Maru a 9626 tonne converted liner, this ship has settled on its Stbd side making the hold accessible but a little confusing, racks of saki bottles fill the aft hold after ding the hold we entered the engine room which was very cramped and care needed to be taken not to get snagged.

After coming back to the Blue Lagoon Resort for a lunch of coffee and donuts The Gosei Maru was the third dive this 1931 tonne 82m freighter sits on a slope with the bow at 30 m and dropping down to the bow first we swam through large hole and then into the wreck slowly working our way upwards to the stern at 3m. This ship was carrying torpedoes the remains of which are scattered on the sea bed like cannons of an old man of war.

The last dive of the daw as on Patrol boat 34 an ex Momi class Destroyer this 85m 935 tonne boatstill carries. 2 mines on the rear deck which lists to port. Entry into the wreck was through a narrow hatch way that not all the divers could make the entry once inside the swim throughs were very narrow and the inside quickly silted up as we moved through it. After swimming up through the engine room the exit was through another small hatch on to the fore deck to the bow which is vert coral encrusted as it is so shallow.

The trip back to the resort was very slow as one out board would not start, at least we were not constantly soaked with water from spray on the way back.

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  1. Aren't you supposed to be resting?

    Sounds like a cool day's diving!