Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Good morning from Truk

Well yesterday's post was a bit short but to be honest I was rather tired. End of the jet lag, 4 dives on air and a really long boat ride back did not help. Still ready to go this morning.
The plan to day is to go to a more remote part of the lagoon and stay out all day so packed lunches have been organised. BLR is set up for that sort of thing and set up mostly to work with the divers.
I have found some useful things over the past few days which are not in the guide book :). There is a small supermarket on site mostly for the small community of locals who live and work in the resort and dive centre. It sells just about everything. I got my batteries for the torch and camera strobes which was a real relief and I have also picked up some flip flops , I'm too used to live-a-boards and no shoes policy's so forgot to pack any spare shoes in. They also stock a good selection of biscuits, snacks & sweets, so if you get peckish you can always get something. Also next to the dive shop there is a small cafe also for the locals but it opens at 6 so a great if you are up early and fancy a little something before breakfast in my case it was coffee and pancakes with maple syrup, yummy :)

On the subject of breakfast I can hear it calling so I'll sign off for now......


  1. I am so jealous about the pancakes, they sound amazing!

  2. Pancakes? On a Wednesday? How does that work? :)

  3. Pancakes every day it keep me going till Breakfast