Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Flights home the first legs

Well the last day started of raining and grey, trying to make us feel better about going home :). After a morning of finishing the last minute and hanging around the hotel it was off to the Chuuk International Airport. At 5 flights a week it's not exactly the busiest in the world. Check is a little odd as they do a bag search before you check in then your bags are taken from you then hang around in the check in area till just before flight and then the usual hand bag & body search takes place.

The flight to Guam was again a United 737 and rather full and loading seemed to take an age, but the same United cabin staff who flew us in did well to settle every one down even those that seemed to be unable to work out which seats they had been allocated. The good news in Guam was my ESTA US visa seems have sorted it self out and I sailed through immigration this time with out any issues. Passing back in to departures Guam is not the most exciting airport in the world but there is a good noodle bar and the usual connection of duty free shops.

The stop over in Guam was quite painless as was the next short ish flight to Manila where we have just arrived and with a beer in hand I bid you good night for the evening

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