Wednesday, 14 March 2012

End of the holiday :(

Well I'm sat in Kuala Lumper airport waiting for the flight home at midnight local time so it's about 3 hours to go. I've had a good walk round the various shops & restaurant, has a coffee to kill some time but time drags in even the best of airports when you are waiting for a flight.

I suppose I'd better say thank you to a few people.
First of all a very big thanks to Jonkey and Mac our dive guide & boat driver for the week, I'm still amazed how he found all those wrecks. All the staff at the Blue Lagoon Resort and Dive Centre for making us all so welcome.

Steve for helping organise the trip with Graham Weston at Plymouth Dive Centre and Phil North of Dive Worldwide. Rob for being such a great buddy and bothering to drag his twin set gear all the way it there to do the San Francisco. Bill for being a constant source of amusement and taking it all in good heart. Harriet for letting me steal a couple of her photos and Lisa for putting up with a bunch of divers all week even when she did not dive.

Well thats all for now but I will add some more photos over the next week or so once I sort them out.

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