Saturday, 10 March 2012

Ramblings from Truk Lagoon.

We had the first of the diving casualties today Steve our un elected group organiser is suffering with an ear problem and finding it difficult to equalise on the way up on Momokawa Maru the first dive of the day and is suffering a bit.

Today's dives are all quite deep too 40 to 30m so the guide has moved rings around to give us all a longer break and Steve's ear a chance to recover. The diving is pretty relaxed and you get the guide and driver for the week so they get to know you. Jonkey our guide is very easy going and has a laugh and a joke with us now and again. In the water he sets a really relaxed pace underwater and points out all the good stuff as he goes. Our boat driver Mac is a real another great guy an yesterday turned the boat round an fished out my hat when it blew off but even better on our afternoon rest stop he went back in to the wreck of the patrol boat we dived the other day and fished out the weight pocket that one of out group lost while we were diving it on Wednesday.

I suppose I had better say a bit more about the Blue Lagoon Resort. Since arriving on Monday I have managed to find the the reception, gift shop, restaurant coffee shop and, no surprise, the bar. It all has a great rustic atmosphere and laid back pace but the service has been faultless. The one or two little niggles have been sorted quickly with out any issue or argument so full credit to them. There are quite a lot of staff keeping the grounds and apartments clean & tidy but I think this must be a major employer on this corner of the island and a little local community has grown up around the resort. However not every one lives close by and you can see the boats brining in the staff and taking them away to the local islands.

The food really has been very good and the menu is split up into 3 main sections. International, read American, steaks & fish grills, various pastas etc. Japanese, would put Waggamamas to shame, and local which are various chicken & pork stews and spiced dishes which are also really nice. So far I have sampled each of the sections and I have no complaints at all and can really recommend the grilled tuna, Yakisoba and the chicken & pork Adobo :)

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