Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunday update

Well no diving today, there was the chance to get one last dive in on the Fujikawa but my dive buddy got a bit worse for wear at the BBQ last night and was not really up to it, still it give me a chance to so some catching up on the blog, pay my gas bill at the dive shop and take a look round the resort.

So the last dive was the shark dive yesterday afternoon the dive was on a small Tila, a small reef that doesn't quite break the surface and lasted about 40 minute. The guide took down a bag of fish an placed it under a rock for the sharks to find. In all we had about 8 small black tip reef sharks feeding and swimming in and out of the divers so there were lots of good photo opportunities. The only down side is I managed to set my Hero cam to still so I did not get any video of the action.

In the evening the dive guide organised a BBQ for the group which was a lot of fun and ending up adding another wreck to the lagoons list namely my dive buddy Rob.

The plan for today now is to sort the last things out over the dive shop and then Jonkey the dive guide is going to take us on an island tour of Dublon which was the main base for the Japanese in WW2 so there are lots of relics and sites of interest, it should've a good tour so I'll keep you posted.

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