Friday, 9 March 2012

Fridays Dives

Is it already Friday :(

Rainy day today. The hope that it would stop soon after breakfast have ended when the sky's were still very over cast at lunch time, not an issue while you are diving but the boat rides to the sites are getting wet too. It's also very humid and sticky as the temperature is still above 30 deg so it is much nicer in the water.
Todays dives have been the Hoki Maru a 137m 7112tonne freighter that sits upright but has suffered a blast destroying the fore holds to the bridge, the aft holds are full of earth moving equipment and trucks. This was quite a deep dive at 40m and all of the divers ended up with 5 or 6 minutes of deco time.
The second dive of the morning was the Kensho Maru 117m 4861tonne freighter that sits with a slight list to port. This was a really nice dive as while we checked out the bow gun a pair of eagle rays circled above us for about 5 minutes, unfortunately just a bit to far for good photos. After checking out the bow we returned to mid-ships and went down into the engine room and back onto the aft deck via the galley where the range and cooking utensils could still be seen.
No island trip for lunch today so it was back to the resort for a pit stop and some lunch
Both the afternoon dives were quite unusual. The first was a large ocean going tug the Futagami this 40m 625tonne vessel sits on a slope with the stern at 12m and the bow at 25. This wreck is not visited that often and was very silty but the bridge and hold was quite interesting and the outside well encrusted with coral. Penetration was quite difficult because of the silt and small access doors.
The last dive of the day was on the Emily flying boat. The wreckage of this plane is upside down and well broken up but the huge 38m wing and engines are easily recognisable. It is believed that this plane was carrying Vice Admiral Hara when it was attacked by American fighters but managed to escape only to crash and break up on landing, the Vice Admiral survived.

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